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LASEK Eye Surgery Costs

Key Takeaways

Key TakeawaySummary
Safe and effectiveLASEK is a safe and effective laser eye surgery that can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and other vision issues.
More affordable than LASIKMost patients can return to regular activity within 2-5 days after LASEK surgery. Complete vision stabilization takes about three months.
Financing options availableSince LASEK is considered an elective procedure, health insurance does not cover it. But there are financing options like payment plans, medical credit cards, and special health accounts to help pay for it.
Quick recovery timeLASEK has a lower risk of dry eyes or flap complications than LASIK. Temporary side effects like mild pain and light sensitivity are common.
Minimal side effectsLASEK has no flap complications like LASIK. Temporary side effects like mild pain and light sensitivity are common.
Permanent resultsWhen successful, LASEK may get long-term vision correction for most patients unless a higher prescription is treated. Some may eventually need reading glasses.

Safe and Effective Procedure to Correct Vision

LASEK (laser-assisted subepithelial keratomileusis) is a safe and effective laser eye surgery procedure that can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and other vision problems.

Typically More Affordable Than LASIK

The average cost of LASEK eye surgery ranges from £1,800-£2,500 per eye, which is generally slightly less expensive than LASIK. The specific cost depends on factors like the surgeon, clinic, and your vision needs.

Financing Available to Help With Costs

Since laser eye surgery is considered elective, it’s not covered by health insurance. However, there are financing options like payment plans, medical credit cards, and special health accounts to help you afford LASEK.


What is LASEK Eye Surgery?

LASEK is a type of laser eye surgery that improves vision by reshaping the eye’s front surface (cornea) with an excimer laser. It’s one of the most popular alternatives to LASIK surgery.

How LASEK Surgery Works

During LASEK, the cornea’s outer layer (epithelium) is loosened and folded back to expose the inner corneal tissue. The laser reshapes the cornea, and then the epithelium is laid back over the eye to heal.

Benefits of LASEK

Compared to LASIK, LASEK has a lower risk of dry eyes or flap complications. It may be preferable for people with thin corneas or large pupils. The trade-off is a longer recovery.

Comparison to Other Procedures

LASEK is similar to PRK laser eye surgery. Both use alcohol to loosen the epithelium. In PRK, the skin layer is removed, while in LASEK, it is retained and moved to the side.




Can treat all prescriptions

Speed of recovery

4-7 days

4-7 days

Final vision

Same as LASEK

Same as PRK

Prescription range *

Up to -12D (dioptres)

Up to -12D (dioptres)

Thin corneas

Fix astigmatism

Fast recovery

Post-op pain



Needs operating theatre

Infection rate

1 in 7,000

1 in 7,000

Why Focus?

With Focus Clinics, we’re not only upfront about our pricing but our reasons behind it:

Other ClinicsFocus Clinics
Wavefront optics as standard for sharper results
Wavefront optics as standard, for sharper results
100% 20/20 track record for short-sightedness
Surgeon experience with over 25,000 procedures
Free primary enhancement procedure (a brief second treatment to fine-tune your vision, if needed)
10-Year Guarantee with free retreatment
Unlimited extra visits
All eye drops as needed during the first year

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LASEK Eye Surgery Costs

Some clinics may advertise shockingly low prices, but these are typically prices for very low prescriptions using older, outdated technology.

Many patients find that these clinics that are promoting low costs often charge over £4000 for average cases on modern equipment.

Like any laser eye surgery, LASEK is not a commodity. It is a precision microsurgery on your eyes.

At Focus, our price includes a complete assessment and thorough post-op aftercare. This guarantees safety for your eyes, protects your vision, and ensures you are fully satisfied with your final vision and outcome.

What Impacts the Cost of LASEK?

Several factors affect the overall cost of LASEK eye surgery:

  • Surgeon’s experience and fees
  • Geographic location and clinic costs
  • Laser used
  • Amount of vision correction needed

Average Cost of LASEK Surgery

The average cost of LASEK is £1,800-£2,600 per eye in the U.K. Simple shortsightedness correction on one eye could be £1,800, while custom treatment on both eyes might be £4,000-£5,000 or more.

Cost Comparison to Other Laser Eye Surgeries

LASEK is generally slightly less expensive than LASIK (£2,000-£2,600 per eye on average). It’s similarly priced to PRK. SMILE is usually more expensive due to the cost of a dedicated lenticule extraction laser.

Comparison of LASEK to Other Procedures

Prices comparison LASIK PRK SMILE

LASIK Eye Surgery

  • LASIK costs £2,000-£2,500 per eye on average
  • One-day recovery time
  • Low risk of flap complications

PRK Laser Eye Surgery

  • PRK costs £1,800-£2,500 per eye, typically
  • 4-7 day recovery period
  • More discomfort than LASIK

SMILE Eye Surgery

  • The average SMILE cost is $2,500-£2,800 per eye
  • Quick recovery like LASIK
  • It is limited to nearsightedness correction with astigmatism. It cannot yet treat long-sight

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LASEK Eye Surgery Financing Options

Medical Credit Cards and Payment Plans

Healthcare credit cards through providers like CareCredit or Alphaeon in the US allow you to pay for LASEK over time interest-free.

Many clinics also offer finance-based payment plans. Most centres offer interest-free finance on laser eye surgery treatments.

Health Savings Accounts

In most cases, funds in an HSA, FSA, or HRA can be used to cover LASEK tax-free in the US.

Medical Sharing Programs

Some medical sharing programs in the US, like Sedera, help members pay for procedures like LASEK when criteria are met.

Ways to Reduce LASEK Costs

Compare quotes between surgeons and facilities to find the best price. However, price is often linked to the quality of the technology used and the surgeon’s experience. It is better to find a quality centre rather than the cheapest. “You get what you pay for” holds true for vision correction, as with everything else!

swimming with LASEK PRK


In summary, LASEK is a very effective laser eye surgery with minimal side effects and fast recovery when performed by an experienced surgeon. While not inexpensive, the average LASEK price is less costly than LASIK. Financing options can help make this vision correction surgery more affordable.

10 FAQs About LASEK Eye Surgery

What is the difference between LASEK and LASIK?

LASEK does not create a corneal flap like LASIK. Instead, the outer corneal layer is loosened and replaced after lasering. LASEK is almost identical to PRK.

Am I a good LASEK candidate?

You may be a good candidate if you have healthy eyes without extremely dry corneas or very thin corneas. An exam will determine if LASEK can correct your vision.

How long does LASEK surgery take?

The laser treatment takes less than 5 minutes per eye. But expect to be at the surgery centre for 1-2 hours, including preparation and recovery.

What is the LASEK eye surgery recovery time?

Most patients see well enough within 3-7 days to return to work and regular activity. Complete vision stabilization can take up to 3 months.

What are the side effects of LASEK?

Temporary side effects can include mild pain, haziness, glare, and light sensitivity. Long-term risks are very low but include under/over-correction and corneal haze.

When will I see my LASEK results?

Improvement is noticeable within the first few days after surgery, but some fluctuation is normal while healing. Maximum visual results are typically achieved at around three months.

Can I drive after LASEK?

No driving is recommended for 4-5 days after LASEK. Your doctor will evaluate when your vision has stabilized enough to drive safely.

Do I still need glasses after LASEK?

One benefit of LASEK is freedom from glasses and contacts for distance vision. Some patients need reading glasses as they get older.

How long do LASEK results last?

When successful, LASEK results are considered permanent or lifelong for most patients. As you age, you may eventually develop presbyopia. Very high prescriptions can have some regression of benefit over time, returning to a small prescription. There is less regression with LASIK and SMILE lenticule extraction.

What are the risks of not getting LASEK?

Without vision correction, you may continue having blurry vision, be dependent on glasses or contacts, and experience worsening vision problems over time.

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