I’m Dave Allamby, MD

Mr David Allamby is the founder and medical director of Focus Clinic. Focus’ commitment is to be the #1 clinic for vision outcome results, with 100% of patients achieving 20/20 vision or even better. He is one of a limited number of UK surgeons working full-time in laser refractive surgery.


LASIK laser eye surgery

The world’s most popular laser eye surgery


PRK / LASEK laser eye surgery

The ideal laser eye surgery for thin corneas


Lenticule Extraction SMILE

A newer procedure with promising results


Implantable Contact Lenses ICLs

Excellent option if not suitable for LASIK

100% Success Rate!

  • David Allamby has a remarkable 100% success rate for 20/20 vision.
  • We know of no other clinic or surgeon who has matched these results.
  • There is a big difference between, for example, 98% and 100% success, especially if you are in the 2%.
  • This success was for all common short-sighted prescriptions.
  • Including astigmatism up to 2.00 dioptres!

Celebrities treated by David.

For those in the limelight, like David Gandy here, finding premier care is a priority. When vision correction is needed, celebrities and professionals choose surgeons at the pinnacle of the field. David Gandy came to see David Allamby. Just like you, they desire the utmost quality paired with compassion.

Many celebrities chose David Allamby for their precious eyes. However, every patient receives red-carpet treatment and personalised attention. Your eyes deserve the same diligent focus as the most famous.

Reputations are earned through outcomes. As a doctor trusted by household names and leaders, David has repeatedly demonstrated his capabilities. Carefully honed technique combines with cutting-edge technology to achieve razor-sharp results. Whether you’re renowned or just looking to live without glasses, you’ll be seen as an individual. Your eyes will get the undivided expertise they deserve: the very best in vision correction.


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Rick Wakeman treated by David


David runs a world-leading laser eye clinic and specialist centre of excellence in London’s Harley Street medical district. Together with a team of consultant laser eye surgeons, they provide expert vision correction with a renowned 5-star service.

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Trustpilot #1 in the UK

Most trusted eye treatment clinic.

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Free to Choose the Best

Great technology gives outstanding results

Unlike several clinics, David and his team of surgeons have chosen not to be paid consultants to laser system manufacturers. As such, he is free to select the laser combination he considers to give the best results rather than use the manufacturers’ own laser systems. As such, he chose different companies to supply the excimer and femtosecond lasers used in his LASIK procedure.

The combination of the Swiss Ziemer and the German WaveLight EX500 lasers– together with a refined LASIK surgical technique pioneered by Dave Allamby – means he has exceeded his expectations for visual outcomes for our patients, where his goal is a 100% 20/20 success rate for correcting short-sight, which is the most common visual problem by far in the 20-45 age group.

Your Prescription

Vision correction technology in 2023 has taken a quantum leap, with industry-leading specialists pushing innovation’s boundaries. For those considering laser eye surgery, it’s an exhilarating era, as new techniques now enable outstanding visual outcomes paired with unprecedented safety.

As a world-class refractive surgeon, David can now correct short-sight with a success rate of 100% 20/20 vision or better, based on past performance. While your result may vary, he has succeeded in 100% reaching 20/20 for several years now. This exceeds standards across the field, as meticulous precision paired with the latest femtosecond laser platforms unlock new potential in vision improvement. Thousands of patients are now glasses-free after expert care fine-tuned the anatomy behind their refractive errors.

Ethical, patient-centred treatment remains paramount. Dave Allamby, MD, develops customised visual solutions by thoroughly evaluating each individual’s eye health and lifestyle needs. With both compassion and clinical excellence as cornerstones, vision correction in 2023 empowers more people than ever to see life with stunning clarity.

We take our own medicine


Laser vision correction has entered a new era of safety, speed and precision. At leading clinics, it’s not just marketing hype – the surgeons themselves trust the technologies with their own eyes. Top specialists like Dave Allamby have guided their family and friends through procedures like A-LASIK with outstanding outcomes.

When your loved ones opt for a treatment, you know it’s been thoroughly vetted. The highest standards are uncompromising, from advanced diagnostic mapping to femtosecond laser platforms. Patients gain the benefits of technologies proven with personal experience.

Meticulous technique and clinical excellence drive results. With A-LASIK, 100% of suitable candidates achieved 20/20 vision or better in published studies—real-world outcomes back up the stats, with sharp vision and glasses-free freedom. When your surgeon has firsthand trust in a procedure, you can proceed confidently.


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